Not Much Motivation

After my poor showing on Sunday and my utter exhaustion on Monday I really didn’t have much motivation to train today.  I forced myself into the cold basement with my only motivation being I could watch my Boston Celtics play the Houston Rockets.  Hopefully the Celtics can end Houston’s 22-game winning streak.  I started out with 3 sets of 7 dips (2 more than the usual 5 meaning I’m getting stronger, hopefully) and 3 sets of 15 reverse crunches (4 more than the usual 11) on the Tower of Power.  This preceded a 30-minute ride on the trainer.  I did go into a gear I haven’t been in this year so I guess that’s progress.  The session ended with 3 sets of 11 shoulder shrugs and standing military presses with 25# dumbbells and 3 sets of 21 crunches on the ball.  Post-workout I did feel better with less joint pain and some psychological relief.