Not As Bad As The Octopus

I was feeling guilty for not throwing up at lunch and running with the Lunch With Eric group on the Tuesday’s Octopus run.  I’m kind of glad I missed it because I know “it is brutal”.  So after work I went out for an 8 mile run.  It was dark and cold but I felt pretty good.

The next day I was greeted in the basement with a flat rear tire.  I had bragged earlier about not having a flat on Sunday but apparently I had a slow leak.  After changing the flat I got in 45 minutes on the trainer while watching Bear Grylls and the newest podcast.

On Thursday I had to force myself out of the house.  I knew I wouldn’t train on Friday so I couldn’t take Thursday off too.  So off into the dark again for a 7 mile run.

Saturday was kind of weird.  The afternoon was supposed to be crappy and rainy.  The high temperature was basically going to be early in the morning.  I knew the Gary Group would be leaving at 09:00 but I don’t feel strong enough to hang with those guys and what I really need is just some miles, not suffering.  Danoh would not be available to ride until after 12:00.  I assumed it would be raining by then but it never really developed until late at night.  So I left my house around 10:00 and got in 30 miles.  Let me tell you, IT SUCKED!  The wind was unrelenting.  It took so long to get to the turn-a-round that it almost didn’t seem worth it with the tailwind.  I was completely drained when I got home.  Exposure to wind and cold for that long I am not used to.  Lack of fitness didn’t help either.

I finished off the week with a run around Washington Park totaling 10 miles.  It was a slow run because of my legs feeling the effects of Saturday.  A good weekend of training, though.