No Pop

I’m still limping and pretty sore.  My calves feel like they have boulders in them.  Yet I decided to head out for the first time this year on my bike.

I did the usual warm-up loop and made it to BikeTek at 18:00.  There were about 12 riders for the Tuesday/Thursday night training race.  The temperature was 48 degrees and the wind was 13 mph out of the NW.

It was weird feeling the road underneath me.  If you’re a rider you know what I mean.  The first ride after a lay off is always kind of strange.  I definitely felt squirrely and for that reason I stayed near the back.

The pace quickened on Old Salem Road but I felt fine.  Fine until I had to stand up.  Then my legs said no way.  They didn’t have any pop.  I would stand up but couldn’t accelerate.  The pace was fine but I definitely do not have the cycling legs yet.  There is no snap in the hamstrings.  I was wrapped out at a slow speed.  No acceleration was happening so I was popped off the back just before Farmingdale Rd. 

I turned around at Prarie Creek Rd (?) with HardyBreed Eric.  We conversed on the way back discussing training, work, and life.  I ended up with 18 miles.  That’s 18 miles for the year, baby.

Miraculously I felt awesome later in the night.  My limp was gone.  The bike must be therapeutic for running.  The cyclical, non-weightberaing motion must have been just what the doctor ordered.