New City TT

Today was my first ride at the New City Time Trial for the year.  Although I have been getting in some mileage on the bike I haven’t had too many solo rides.  It’s time to start with some hard efforts, solo.

I was surprised by the turnout tonight.  There must have been close to 30 riders.  It’s cool to see that many participating.  Some first timers, some old timers, some experienced, and some cats just trying to get in the sport-a real melting pot.  I really liked the new format of 15 second intervals.  However, I am still being placed toward the back with nothing but quality just a few seconds behind me.  This means that I could get passed by a lot of riders really quickly.

My anticipation held true as Betty C., my 15 second person, passed me within the first 2 miles.  I could tell right from the start that tonight was going to be a struggle.  The lactic acid in my legs accumulated quickly and ballooned to twice their size.  I was in pain the rest of ride.

Rider after rider passed me as I struggled to maintain 21 mph.  It really wasn’t my night.  I just couldn’t get into a rhythm.  Fortunately, at about 2 miles from the finished I kind rode into a rhythm and maintained 23 mph for the last 1.5-2 miles.  Hopefully that means my warmup wasn’t good enough and doesn’t mean that I suck.

I stopped the clock at 28:45, averaging 22.6 mph.  After a brief rest I slipped on the running shoes and headed south for a run.  The sun was bright on the way back and the heat was really cooking me.  I wasn’t trying to go hard but my legs felt good.  The 3.1 miles seemed to go by quickly and I stopped the clock at 23:45.  Having a solid run was some vindication for the poor showing at the TT.