I was a little nervous going into today’s run.  It was supposed to be 16 miles run at 10% slower than marathon pace or about 08:45/mile.  I have been feeling better since my sickness but today was going to be my first long run in a while.  Normally 16 isn’t that bad considering the miles we had been putting in but I missed last weekend’s 20 mile run and the previous was just 10 miles.  Endurance was a concern.  Danoh and I were planning on running tomorrow but today’s weather was too good to pass up.  49 degrees and sunny with a 15 mph SE wind.  Tomorrow might be better but you can never take that chance in winter in central Illinois.

We met at the corner at around 14:15.  A pleasant conversation ensued.  Unsure of our destination I suggested we head to Washington Park to check out the scenery.  As predicted all the people that hibernate in the winter were out in full force.  With plenty of people to watch the 3.5 laps of the 2 mile course went by quicker than usual.  We even ran into some of the Team Mack cycling team finishing a long ride.  Probably rode to Raymond and back as one of them said he had 97 miles in already.

By the time I got home it was about 16 miles on the dot.  Not including nature breaks and the occasionally 60 second walk we averaged 08:21/mile.  Well below the expected 08:45.  It seems all of our target paces end up being faster than predicted.  I hope this bodes well for the marathon.  The last 3 miles were difficult because of endurance and my feet hurting.  Keeping the pace did not seem to be a problem.  A good day for a run.