My Own Private Century

I took today off work to get in some long miles.  I haven’t yet broken the century mark this year so I was in need of some quality miles.  The plan was to at least hit triple digits on mileage.  I knew the wind was going to be out of the SW but I didn’t feel like riding all day on flat roads south of town.  Especially not by myself.  Today was going to be a solo ride.

Leaving the house at 05:30 on my day off was tough to do.  However, if I wanted to get some much needed chores done around the house I had to leave early.  The fog and dawn had just broken when I left.  It was humid and sticky.  The ride to Petersburg went by pretty fast.  By the time I left New Salem the wind had picked up and I could tell it would be a struggle getting home bucking a head wind so early in the ride.  I was pleasantly surprised on the road to Pleasant Planes.  The wind didn’t seem to affect me as much as I thought it would.  Exiting Planes was a different story.   The wind heading south on Planes blacktop was either getting strong or I was getting tired.  Having only 40 some miles I decided to take some detours on the way back.  I took the keyhole backwards and wound my way around to Farmingdale.  Eventually I made it back home with 70 miles in the coffers.

At home I refueled with some Diet Mt. Dew and a Powerbar.  Getting to use a clean bathroom was a bonus.  After filling up my water bottles I was out the door in 10 minutes flat.

Having only 3o miles to go and knowing there was a stiff wind ahead of me I opted to take the bike path south to Chatham.  This would give me a tailwind home.  90 minutes, it couldn’t be that bad.

Well, it was.  In fact, the last 10 miles home were ridden at a snail’s pace.  In retrospect I should have known the trees on the bike path wouldn’t leave much of a tailwind.  But I made it home in one piece.  The mileage stopped at 102 miles.  Not bad for a solo ride.  I would pay for it later in the day.  I was toast the rest of the day.  It did leave me with a nice feeling of accomplishment though.