Memorial’s Transplant 5K

Sandy is out of town this weekend so my day started at 05:45.  I had to get myself ready, then the kids ready, then pick up the babysitter at 07:00 to make it to Washington Park by 07:20.  Thankfully it wasn’t raining and registration was quick and painless.  I was warming up by 07:30 and was able to do a full lap with some sprints prior to start time.  While warming up I got to speak with HardyBreed, Alex Taft. No, he was not trying to sell me firewood. He wanted to talk about tomorrow’s Biathlon. Apparently he was out for a long run, getting ready for the Chicago Marathon. A quick check of the kids and I was lined up for the prompt 08:00 start.

This was my second race in row at Washington Park with the humidity in the rainforest range.  I knew ahead of time that this wasn’t going to be pretty.  I don’t do well in humidity. Standing at the start I was sweating like I had been dipped in Carnuba Wax. Talking to some co-workers, including HardyBreed Matt V., the sweat was rolling off me like I was eating medium plus at the Magic Kitchen.

The race began and I was breathing heavily on the downhill. By the backside I had settled into an uncomfortable rhythm. I was about 5 seconds behind 1st and 2nd. Upon coming through the 2 mile mark my goal of under 21:00 was no longer attainable and I just wanted to finish. Second place was now out of sight and I faded to 4th, just in front of Matt. Almost a full 2 minutes behind last week’s Polka Pace time. Thanks to Eric S. and Jim C. who yelled encouragement to me while they were out training. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough but I did survive. I’m beginning to think that the Washing Park course is my nemesis.

My hat goes off to Emily (?) who smoked all the boys and ran away from the rest of the field to win the race. She looked strong from the gun and never looked back. Great Job!

Post-race was spent rehydrating and talking to Tim O. (see Wild Hare “Redemption”) who was visitng from Birmingham. He agreed on the humidity factor. I ended the day with a final lap of the Park with Jim C. and Eric S. Jim was putting in 17 in preparation for Chicago. Is everyone doing the Chicago Marathon? Everyone I talk to is training for it. Where were you guys in February when Dan and I were training for St. Louis? Doesn’t anyone do St. Louis? Anyway, good luck to Jim and all the Sprinfieldians running Chicago.

Totals for the day were 7 miles with 3.2 of them run at or near cardiac arrest. The extra mileage was in preparation for not training tomorrow because of the Sportscare Biathlon. The rest of my day was occupied by marking the bike portion of the Biathlon and sweeping corners. Good luck ladies!