Master’s Swimming

I left my house around 07:00 to arrive at Master’s Swim by 07:45.  This gave me plenty of time to remove my cycling gear and get down to tri shorts.  This was my first time at Master’s Swim and I felt really out of place.  I’m not a strong swimmer, these are the best (old) swimmers in Springfield, and I wasn’t sure of the protocol.  I didn’t want to sound dumb so I didn’t ask anyone what they were doing in the pool.  Luckily Danoh showed up and informed me of the procedure.  Apparently everyone was still warming up which I didn’t realize.  I thought it had started.  Yes, I felt like a fish out of water.

I took my position in lane 1 (the slow lane) with Lawrence.  Dan D., Danoh, and Chris M. were in the lane next to us.  The guy barking out the orders was on the other side of the pool.  So even when I wasn’t hyperventilating I could barely hear him.  As he spoke the word was passed down the lanes and I was the last to get the set information.  As each set ended I was the last to finish so by the time I was finishing the new set was on.  Eventually, out of frustration, I stopped doing the sets and just swam on my own.  I really was clueless the whole time.  When I could hear the information it was in some kind of code that I didn’t understand.  I couldn’t tell if he was talking about distance, time, or rest.  Oh well, it’s my own fault for being so slow.

Around 08:45 I slowly exited the water.  My arms felt like bricks so I rested on the bleachers, ate a Powerbar, and watched as everyone finished their sets.  It took me forever to change into my cycling gear as it was only in the 30’s and I was dressing for warmth.  I eventually had to change outside because I was getting too hot.

I hit the road shortly after 09:00 and headed south on the Lost Bridge Trail.  Took a right in Rochester then another right at the New City Church.  I then headed toward Chatham and back home.  The wind was at my face on the way home and my legs were fried from the swim.  Man, was I glad to get back home.  It was freakin’ cold.

36 miles was long enough for me on a day like this.  I was dissapointed in my swim experience but I’ll go back next week.