Marseille-La Grande-Motte


Team Lister was posing like Team Columbia-High Road on today’s training race.  By the time we were 1/2 way down Old Salem Rd.  They were attacking in unison.  We were screaming toward Farmingdale at 30 mph before I could say “warm-up”.  Trevor and Jeff got away but were caught right at the wind up for the first sprint.

The rest of the ride was more mellow and we spent more time than usual recovering after each sprint.  Mark S. even faked a flat to get everyone to slow down.  Gary decided not to wait for this false flat and so after Mark decided he didn’t have a flat we spent the rest of Prarie Creek Rd, heading East, chasing Gary.  He was caught just before sprint #4.

I was feeling pretty good on the way home and decided to risk it and pull through even when the pace was dangerously high.  I sat out the final sprint however.  I think Justin won most of the sprints.

A total of 38 miles for the night.