March Madness

I traditionally take Thursday and Friday off work for the opening round of the NCAA tournament.  Today was no exception.  I spent the day at ShowMe’s with my brackets, highlighter, SJR, and of course, my beer watching multiple games at the same time.  Dan even paid me a visit but didn’t pay for his beer.  “Put it on your tab, see ya”.  Needless to say I didn’t make the evening swim class.  Sorry Nancy, but it’s March Madness.

After taking the kids to daycare and before going to ShowMe’s I did make it out for a run.  Today was supposed to be 3, 3 mile runs at marathon pace with 0.5 miles recovery between sets.  That would give me about 12 or 13 miles total.  However, from the beginning my right calf was killing me.  I officially have shin splints.  The sucky part is that shin splints are very difficult to get to go away.

So after about 4 miles of misery I decided to turn around and head back home.  I was frustrated and disillusioned.  On the way home, at about mile 6, the leg starting feeling better.  This improved my psyche but I decided to count my blessings and keep heading back home.  I finished with an ambiguous 8 miles.  I don’t know what to think.

Weekly Total: 8 miles.