March Madness

The time change occurred over last weekend so now there should be enough daylight after work to get in some bike miles.  I took advantage of the warmer temperatures and daylight on Tuesday and got out for a 16 mile ride toward Salisbury.  My friend Kirk was supposed to accompany me but he was also a victim of those blasted cinders.  My legs were still sore from Sunday.

Wednesday was a bit of a challenge.  Campbell has PSR so I was hoping to get in my speedwork while she was in class.  I thought I would get to use the SHG track but it looked like there was some sort of practice or meet going on so I had to do my intervals in Washington Park.  YUCK!.

Pressed for time I held tempo until the Park.  The 2 mile loop made it easy to track my progress for the 3, 2 mile tempo runs.  The Park was packed which made me run faster than I wanted.  Seeing all the folks encouraged my speed.  The fist 2 miles seemed to go by quickly with an average pace of 06:49.  The second seemed more laboring at an average of 07:01.  Again, the 3rd was ad nauseum.  Surprisingly though I held a respectable pace of 07:04.  I was happy with my pace considering the terrain.  Even with the speed I was late picking up Campbell.  I’ll have to go faster next time.

Thursday and Friday were days off work for me for March Madness.  Before heading out to Show-Me’s I dropped the kids off at school and got in a quick 1000 yards in the pool.  The pool was refreshingly quiet at 09:00.  The rest of the day was spent in excess.

Friday was beautiful.  As I was getting ready to head out for a ride I had to change yet another bleeping flat.  I think that makes 4 this year.  ARGH!  Since my floor pump is broken I had to drive to BikeTek, pump up my tire, then head toward Loami.  I got in a comfortable 40 miles then headed over to a friend’s house to watch the afternoon games.

Saturday was a wash with Sandy out of town.  I needed the rest though.

Today, Sunday, was supposed to be a 13.1 mile run at race pace.  The weather is so crappy that I went to Eisenhower pool around 10:00 and got in 1500 yards.  The SHG swim team was taking up 3 lanes so the rest of us weekend warriors had to squeeze into 3 swimmers per lane.  Tomorrow will be the hard run.