Marathon Saturday

Saturday is the Illinois Marathon so today will be my last day of training.  My goal for today was just to spin as much as possible and get in an hour of riding.  I warmed up with Kirk and headed to BikeTek.

The group for today’s training race was huge.  It felt good to work up some lactic acid in my legs.  As the boys revved up for the first sprint I quietly drifted to the back in order to stay out of trouble.  I didn’t want any crashes this close to the Marathon.  The first sprint is always sketchy because everyone is fresh.  Testament to this squirley behavior was seeing Dan D. riding in the ditch along Farmingdale Rd.  He must have gotten pushed off the road in the mayhem.  Way to keep the rubber side down, D2.

I flipped as the group headed west and ended up with 19 miles.  The ride back was not so pleasant with all those damn bugs.