Lunch With Santa

Time was of the essence today so I had to fit in a quick workout prior to family obligations.  4 miles on the treadmill felt good but I wish I could have run outside or gone more.  But that’s how it is, being a HardyBreed.

The main attraction of the day was a lunch date with Santa Clause in Monticello.   You got to ride a train from the train station in downtown Monticello to the museum on the outside of town and back while eating a sack lunch and talking with Santa Clause.  He stopped by every seat, sat down, and talked with all the kids.  It was the first time my kids did not cry while sitting in his lap.  It was pretty cool.  If your kids like trains, it’s worth the drive to incorporate a train and telling Santa what they want for Christmas.  It’s sold out this year, though.