Lost Bridge Trail

Week 6, workout #2 can be either a 15K or half-marathon, but either one must be run at race pace.  Recently I have felt that my longer runs have not been fast enough; just slugging through the motions.  So today I decided to run the Lost Bridge Trail, a paved bike trail on the east side of town.  It is tree-lined so sheltered from the wind, exactly 5 miles so I would get in 10 miles total, and completely flat.  You can almost see the end of the trail 5 miles away.  I thought under these conditions I would be able to do a pretty fast time and get in some much needed speed work.  So I ran 10 miles in 1:14, averaging 7:25/mile.  I felt pretty good with my time but, as usual, I thought I could have done better.  Actually in the last mile my right hip began to hurt quite a bit so I did have to slow down.  I hope it is nothing serious.