Long Or Slow

I didn’t get to leave my house until 19:30 tonight.  It had stopped raining but was kind of dark and humid.  I wore a reflective vest just in case it got too dark.

About 3/4 mile into the run it began to sprinkle.  No biggy.  After about 2 miles it was still raining but I was feeling pretty good so I decided to go for a long run.  I had already eaten and was wearing the reflective vest so I would be fine.

The rain stopped halfway between Veteran’s and Chatham so I kept plugging away.  About the time I made it to Washington Park it was pitch black outside and I was soaked from sweat and rain.  I had the familiar “swish,  swish, swish” from wet shorts.  After cresting the hill that leads to Pasfield Golf Course I began to feel hypoglycemic.  This lasted until the Walgreens on Monroe then the N.O. Xplode kicked in and I began to feel like Deena Kastor.

I made it back to the crib at 21:00.  I didn’t take an iPod or my Garmin so I don’t exactly know how far I ran.  It was either long or I ran really slow.