Lonely Boy

It’s tough balancing training, family life, and work.  I desperately wanted to save workout #1, week 3 for later this week because it is supposed to be warmer toward the end of the week.  But because of family obligations I had to go today.

Today was supposed to be a 4 mile tempo run.  I wanted to test myself so I chose a flat course instead of going up and down Washington like I normally do.  After work I drove to Koke Mill Medical Center, changed in the car, and took off running heading south on Koke Mill Rd.   It was 16:30 and FREEZING. The temperature was 22 but it felt a lot colder.

My 2 mile warm up ended  at the entrance to the Wabash Trail.  From here I ran down to Sonic and back at “tempo” pace.  Instead of doing tempo I opted to test myself and turn it into a sort of time trial.  Probably not the best thing to do considering the temperature, oh well.

The 4 miles went by really slow.  I was in agony the entire time.  I so wanted to stop or walk.  It was tough.  Heading east was not that bad but by the time I hit the turnaround I was exhausted.  Heading west seemed to be colder.  It might have been because I had a slight headwind or the fact that the sun was going down fast.

My lips and throat were numb even with my heavy breathing.   I thought to myself, “this is riderous”.  I thought of that Andrew Gold song “Lonely Boy” as I ascended that small bridge over Chatham road.  There was no one around; I was cold, lonely, and in agony.  I guess I miss my training partner.

The end of the trail didn’t come soon enough.  I stopped the clock with an average pace of 06:53 for the 4 miles (06:51, 06:51, 06:53, and 06:56).

The run back to Koke Mill was a nice warm down, cool down, or freeze up.  What  ever you want to call it.  8 miles of running for the day’s workout.

Once back to the truck I changed back into my work clothes and picked up my Mom.  We headed to meet the rest of my family at Buffalo Wild Wings at 18:00.

It was substantial reward to be able to wash the pain down with a couple of Bud Selects and some wings.  I opted for Spicy Garlic this time.

Weekly Total:  11 miles