Last Voyage

The family was meeting some friends on Lake Springfield for their last boat trip of the year.  So I had to get in a good run before we left at 12:00.  I reluctantly called up Dan to see when he was running.  Reluctantly because my legs were feeling tired from yesterday and I knew Dan would not run slow.  He was leaving in 15 minutes.  I made him wait 20 minutes.

Leaving my house I could tell it was going to be a sufferfest.  I was out of breath after only 0.5 miles.  It turned out the first half of the run was not that bad.  Things changed when Dan wanted to pick up the pace after exiting Washington Park and “suffer a bit”.  From then on I couldn’t converse, my breathing was heavy, and I was concentrating on every stride.  I think we were doing 07:00/miles.

With 1 mile to go we went our separate ways and I slowed down to a crawl.  As soon as I got home it was a shower then off to the Lake.  Luckily I recovered enough to enjoy the sunshine and have a few beers.  It’s definitely the beginning of Fall.