I have never seen so many different cycling kits at one training race. There must have been more than 7 or 8 different teams represented in the peleton plus all the other generic jerseys. I was wearing my most coveted jersey, the Dutch National Champion from Rabobank. New Wheelfast jerseys were also being shown proudly. The new style is pretty cool. They are argyle, just like Slipstream-Chipotle.

As a side note, Dan shows up in his usual R&M Cyclery kit. Keeep in mind that it is sunny and 62 degrees. He is wearing bib shorts, a short sleeve jersery, long sleeve jersey, long fingered gloves, and a cycling cap under his helmet. I said “Dan, are you expecting a cold front to suddenly blow in? You are dressed for the Arctic”. He was definitely the most over-dressed rider. Even more than Gary D., which is hard to do. He is always over-dressed. Dan even thought about wearing booties. He’s crazy.

After our usual warm-up loop Dan decided to stop by his house to strip off some layers. We then met the group this side of Veteran’s Parkway.

The pace started out casual. People would go off the front and one by one Brock W. would pull the whole group and pick them off. The pace didn’t get difficult until we hit the “keyhole” section. This is a section of narrow and winding roads coupled with crosswinds. Today was no exception. Heading North there was a substantial crosswind which was splitting the group into 3 distinct echelons. I pulled through right before an uphill section which had a cross/head wind. Then Andy L. stood up and stomped on the pedals. You do not want to be the last guy to pull when Andy puts the hammer down. I struggled to latch onto the 8 riders that encompassed the front group. They were spread across the road and even in the ditch I couldn’t get a draft so I was dropped.

I turned around and saw a group of 5 barreling down on me. So I accelerated to catch on as they rode by. Unfortunately Brock W. was leading the way and I was too wiped to grab on. At this point I was literally hyperventilating. I finally caught the 3rd group and rode to the 3rd sprint where everyone was regrouping.

I was very conservative the rest of the ride. Mainly I sat in and tried to stay out of trouble. With so many riders and of such quality the peleton was pretty squirley. There was a lot of weaving and overlapping. I finished with 38 miles and plenty of exhaustion.