Just Like Home Brew

You know how when you start drinkin’ home brew and it feels so good once it touches your lips.  Then you drink more and more and feel better and better.  You keep going and going without considering the consequences.  It’s all fun and games until the next morning when you can’t move.

That’s what happened to me on Saturday.  I went running with Lawyer, Lunch With Eric, and Danoh.  I felt good on the run and seemed to feel nothing.  It actually felt like a pretty easy effort.  I should have known better when Lunch With Eric started complaining about the pace.  We ended with just under 14 miles for the day and I felt fine.

The next day was like a hangover.  I thought to myself “what have I done?”.  My calves hurt sooo bad.  I could barely walk.  Hopefully I learned my lesson.