Just Enough

Just enough riders, with just enough wind, and just enough horsepower in the legs left me with a good ride.  The weather was gorgeous with temperatures in the upper 70’s and the wind out of the SW at around 10 mph; perfect riding conditions.  About 20 riders met at BikeTek for Tuesday night sprint night.  Danoh met me at my house on his new bike Lola, we did our usual loop, and headed to the shop.  However, he was performing at amateur night at Deja Vu so he had to miss the ride.

So much for the white flag, neutral start.  We blasted along Old Salem Rd. at 30 mph until the first sprint on Farmingdale Rd.  I held on pretty well but didn’t sprint.  We re-grouped for a short period then rode tempo to the second sprint at the stop ahead sign for Pleasant Plains blackout.  I easily kept tucked into the pack so I knew I should be able to hold on for the rest of the ride.   On the “keyhole” section I stuck my head out into the wind a couple of times then learned my lessened as I attempted to recover for the third sprint sign back at Pleasant Plains blacktop.  I got dropped with a group of 5 right before the sprint but was able to catch back up for the regroupment.  As we turned East on Prairie Creek Rd the hammer dropped.  People were pulling through like maniacs and we were steady at 28 mph.  However, you could get a really good draft in the pack so I was able to hold on relatively easily.  I was feeling good just spinning and happy to be with the group.  I was also anticipating the fourth sprint because I knew there would be no regroupment and I would need to hold on.

As predicted Andy Lister took off for sprint 4 and never looked back.  We caught him on Farmingdale Rd. but this surge split group and a group of 11 was left at the front.  Luckily I made this split probably more from smarts than fitness.  But, hey, I was feeling pretty happy being with heads of state as they prepared for the final, yet prestigious sprint.  While gritting my teeth I made it over the top of the last climb with the group but Andy attacked again and I pedaled the last 1/2 mile by myself.  Gary Doering won the sprint and was pretty proud of himself; letting every know he won.

An excellent ride for me to stay with group, get some spinning in my legs, and have my longest ride of the year, 38 miles.  I am happy yet tired.