Just An Observation

Shortly after the training race started Robo flatted.  It was so early on we decided not to wait.  (it’s my opinion and my opinion only but I don’t feel we should ever wait for a flat on training race night.  Any other ride, of course we should wait.  But that’s just my opinion).

Not having Robo on the ride seemed to make it harder.  There were more attacks and more decisions on who would chase.  Robo is usually the one to bridge everyone up to the break.  But without him it was left to other riders.  There was more uncertainty in the field.

Evidenced by this was the fact that the peleton split up even before the hill on the way out.  I was in the red zone when riders started to bridge up to a group of 2 just before the “T”.  Thanks to Lunch with Eric I was able to ride his wheel up to the small group as carnage was left behind me.  Unfortunately, once we hit the keyhole the attacks began again and I was shot out the back.

I cut the course and rejoined the group on the way back with Robo, Dan, and Dan.  The rest of the ride was uneventful.  It was probably not the best idea to put in 36 hard miles right before Saturday’s Tri but I felt I needed to blow out the tailpipes.