It Sucks Running With You

This was a quote from my training partner and friend, Dan, about 4 miles into our run on Saturday.  You can tell how close we are and the love he shares.  The actual quote was “It sucks running with you because I don’t get to listen to my podcasts”.  Well, the quote started bad but didn’t end so bad.  I can’t say the same for our run.  It started out bad and ended even worse.  What was supposed to be an 18 miler turned into a 14 mile crawl.  We ended with a 09:10 pace and some pretty beat up legs.  My head was into the run but my freakin’ right ankle began killing me around mile 10.  Dan’s mind, body, or spirit weren’t in it from the start.  It didn’t take much arm twisting on Dan’s part to convince me to cut the run short.  All in all a pretty crappy day with headwind home, cloudy skies, and 40 degree temperatures.