Ironman Louisville

No training today just a family reunion.  I woke this morning at 04:00 to leave the house with my Mom and Daughter at 05:00.  We picked up my Nephew in Monticello and headed to Louisville, Kentucky for a family reunion.

As we crossed the bridge from Indiana to Kentucky I noticed what looked like a huge transition area on the shores of the Ohio River.  It turns out that the next day was Ironman Louisville, pretty cool.  The downtown area was busseling with bikes and triathletes.  Again, pretty cool.

The irony of the day occured at the hotel my Uncle was staying.  It was a southern-style, 103 year-old old, expensive hotel.  Not the usual kind of hotel for multi-sport atheletes, I thought.  Don’t we usually stay economy or is that just me?  But anyway, the hotel lobby was busy with bikes and shaved legs.  Out of the elevator comes my Uncle, his twins, and wife.  The irony is that he is a 3-time finisher of Ironman Hawaii.  His first one was in 1982.  I don’t know I guess you had to be there.  It made me laugh knowing that noone there knew who he was and very few of the aspiring triathletes have, or will ever, make it to Hawaii.

The drive home was occupied listening to Illinois lose to Missouri. That sucked! I arrived back home in Springpatch at 12:00.  Pulling close to an all-nighter.  I haven’t done that since college.