Invited To The Party

It was a little early for me but I happily agreed to an invitation to run with a group at 06:00.  That meantgetting up at 05:00 and leaving the house at 05:45.  Even earlier than when I wake up for work.  Weekends are supposed to be for sleeping in, right?  Well, not if you’re a runner.

I met Leah H, HardyBreed Kim, Erin W, and some guy named Mark at Washington Park.  We left in the guise of darkness and wind.  The temperature was only 32 but it felt colder considering the wind was gusting in excess of 20 mph.  Our route took us downtown, around Lincoln Park, back to Washington Park, the west side of West Washington, then back to the park.  It was quite strange running down the middle of the road in downtown Springfield without a soul or car around.  Unfortunately the tall buildings acted as wind turbines resulting in a substantial swirling wind effect on the return trek.

We had one major rest stop which was back at Erin’s house.  Enough time for a nature break and pounding some Hammer Gel and Cytomax.  Then back on the road for the second half of our 19 mile run.  Actually it was 19.25 but whose counting.  Probably the worst part of the run was the last 1 mile.  That damn Washington Park Boulevard will get you every time.  It was into the gusting wind for the last 0.5 miles.

My legs held up pretty well.  About 14 mile my right calf started to hurt but by mile 17 it was feeling better.  My calves will probably be the x-factor all the way up to race day.  I still feel like I have to be careful.

This was the most people I have ever run with not in a race.  It was really refreshing.  In fact, I have never seen so many people running at the same time.  We seemed to meet groups of runners at every turn.  I felt like I was invited to a party that has been occuring every weekend without me.  Running with Dan every weekend, always at 10 or 11, has deprived me of the rest of the running community.  An amazing turnout of runners for so early and so cold.

It was pretty nice having logged 19 miles before 09:30 I must say.  I had the whole day to rest up for Monster Jam later in the evening.  My kids loved watching the big trucks smash the little cars.  The smog probably didn’t help the marathon training though.

Weekly Total:  28 miles