Inaugural Swim

My first swim of 2010 occurred on Wednesday night starting at 20:30.  It wasn’ the most desirable time but with other obligations I’m not going to be able to get in the pool before Colony West opens at any good times.  After PSR I brought home Campbell then turned around and headed to Eisenhower pool. 

When I arrived I was shocked at the amount of cars in the parking lot and had visions of me fighting for a lane.  Luckily it was just swim practice.  And they were supposed to be finished by 20:30.  I got in 1000 yards and felt remarkably well.  My stroke felt a little awkward but my endurance wasn’t that bad.  I felt better about myself getting in this inaugural swim.

 Thursday and Friday were spent resting.  I was congested and felt a little under the weather so I really didn’t feel like working out.  Figuring it was better to rest this early in the season than pressing my immune system to the limits I drank (water) and rested.

4 Stag tall boys on Friday night were not good prep for a 10K at race pace the next day.  Throw in some fine German wine (Jaegermeister) and I would be close to blowin’ chunks the entire run. 

I drove to Walgreens on Koke Mill then ran the 1 mile to the trail head at Parkway Pointe.  From the beginning I was hurting.  Luckily the weather was nice (shorts weather), the wind was calm, and the course was flat.  My 1 mile paces were as varied as my balance on Saturday morning.  The laps were 07:12, 06:54, 06:57, 07:23, 06:59, and 06:58.  I’m not sure what happened on mile 4.  I saw Jeff W. and Mark S. coming back into town after a ride.  Did they actually ride for 6 hours?

Sunday was casual.  It was sprinkling but I needed to get out.  I rode 32 miles into quite possibly a constant headwind.  It was tougher than I wanted but it felt good to get on the bike.  Not a great training weekend but I still got in some miles.