Dan and I met early and got in 10 miles before tonight’s training race.  The weather was overcast and around 70 degrees.  I was wearing bibs and jersey but probably could have worn a shirt under my jersey as I was a little chilly.

The ride began promptly at 18:00 and the suffering began promptly on Old Salem Rd.  It was a South wind so if you weren’t in the rotation you were scrambling for the gutter.  I don’t know who was pushing the pace but we were flying close to 30 mph leading up to the first sprint.

I made it through the first sprint in decent shape and quickly recovered.  Good thing because as soon as we re-grouped the tempo increased again.  In no time at all I was back in the gutter.  Surprisingly, I was not the first to be dropped.  Quite a few people were dislodged from the peloton before me because of the insane tempo.  I managed to stay attached until just before the hill.

Myself, John L, Jack, John, and Dan E. rode to the rockpile then waited for the group to come around at the “T”.  The pace was just as high but not as chaotic as on the way out.  I managed to hang on and even pulled through a couple of times.

For the final sprint Dan attacked a couple of times but eventually he and I just rode in together.  I finished with 38 good miles and am pleased with my returning fitness.