“I’m Pretty Tired”

Those are the words of Andy L. prior to today’s ride.  How ironic since he pummeled everyone today.   He had ridden in the blizzard-like conditions on Tuesday, kicked ass in Wednesday’s TT, and now was doing the training race.

The ride started amazingly fast.  Screaming down Old Salem Rd. with a stiff crosswind at 28 mph.  By the time we hit Farmingdale Rd. riders were off the back already.  Jeff W. sprinted for the “Stop Ahead Sign” thinking today was Tuesday and quickly learned of his mistake.

I tried to start pulling earlier in the ride than usual to improve my fitness.  This didn’t work out so well as I was dropped about 1/2 way to the “T”.  I hooked up with Dan E. and Mike V. and rode to the “T”.  Dan and Mike continued backward on the course to catch the group.  I stayed behind to wait.  Incidentally Dan E. was riding a pretty sweet Giant TT bike with disc wheel.  Watch out Biathloners!

As I waited Gary D. came up the dirt road after getting a flat on the back side.  We waited together for the group.  Once the group caught us again it had disintegrated.  There was a group of 5 or 6 with 4 or so about 20 seconds back.  I slipped into the first group and struggled to hang on.  Andy and Gary were putting down some visicious attacks.  You know it’s fast when Trevor L. gets dropped.  Eventually I got dropped……again…….and rode in with Robo, Mike V., Dan E., and Mark S. 

We caught Gary just off Farmingdale.  That is a testament as to how fast it was.  I think Andy beat out Jeff W, Mike H., and Ben C. for the final sprint. 

34 miles total for the day.  The lactic acid is still in my legs.