I’m Dizzy

My first day out on the bike was greeted with sustained South winds at 22 mph and gusts up to 38 mph.  This wasn’t going to be pretty.  On the positive side it was sunny and in the upper 50’s.

I have been doing these Tuesday/Thursday night training rides for a number of years.  They are traditionally referred to as training races.  We leave BikeTek at 18:00 sharp, no exceptions.  The pace is dictated by the mood of the peleton but these rides are fast.  There is no waiting for flats, dropped riders, or mechanicals.  If you are new to the ride you better know your way back home or don’t get dropped.   Over the past few years Tuesdays have turned into sprint night and Thursday is more traditional.  Tonight was sprint night.

26 riders showed up tonight, which is a lot.  Normally when fitness is questionable the more riders the better because you can hide in the pack.  However, with winds like tonight that is just more riders to contend with for the wheel in front of you.  Needless to say I was in the gutter most of the ride.

I made it to the tailwind section alright.  Then the sprinting began.  I topped out at 35 mph and still lost contact with the pack.  My legs just wouldn’t turn that fast.  Half way through the first sprint I thought to myself “this is ridiculous, I am going 35 mph on my first ride of the year”.  But then again, I was impressed with myself.

The pack re-grouped after the sprint and headed West.  A couple of minutes reprieve and the pace quickened.  I gritted my teeth as long as I could while riding in the gutter but couldn’t hang on.  Eventually I was dropped and got picked up by the second group.  I was unable to pull through in the second group and turned around at the “T” with Danoh.  We rode in together.

Well, that’s 32 miles for 2008.  Not bad for my first ride.  It felt good to spin the legs and finally get out on the bike.  Now I’m dizzy and still have to give the kids a bath…….c’est la vie!