Illiopolis Attempt

Thanks to the filming of our most recent podcast I was unable to do much of anything yesterday, let alone train.  Feeling guilty I opted for a long ride today.  The rest of the usual riding suspects were doing the Masters Swim so I was left on my own.

I woke up early and left the house just after 06:00.  The wind was going to be mostly out of the East so I headed across town to the Lost Bridge Trail.  It was pretty freaky being Memorial Day Weekend on early Sunday morning.  I was able to ride East on Washington turn right on Chatham, then left on Lawrence, right on MacArthur, then finally a left on Ash.  Yes, I rode right down these normally busy streets with hardly ever seeing a car.  My trip back would not be that smooth.

Making it to Rochester I headed out toward Buckhart, rode past the famous (or infamous) Buckhart Tavern, rode through Roby (Ridge) finally making it to Mt. Auburn after 30 miles.  Still with few cars and a light headwind the ride was pretty awesome.  I had on my headphones and just spun; enjoying the scenery and being alone.

My intention was then to ride North up to Illiopolis.  I had mapped out my ride the night before.  On the outskirts of Mt. Auburn I saw a sign for Illipolis but chose to ignore it since it wasn’t the road I had mapped out earlier.  Farther East I found 1550 E, bingo.  I turned left and headed north. 

After a couple of miles the width of the road seemed to narrow and the residents seemed to get seedier and seedier.  There were so many twists and turns that I lost all sense of direction and finally decided I was lost.  I never turned off of 1550 but soon I was on a different road.  I was confused.  Interstate 72 was no where in sight.  I did notice that I was riding into the wind so I deduced that I was riding East instead of North. 

At 37 miles I decided to turn around and just back track.  That would leave me a tailwind home and 75 miles covered.

Plan B worked and I arrived safely home around 10:00.  It felt good to get such a long ride in.  I haven’t ridden that far solo in a while.  It always seems more of an accomplishment to me when I ride long by myself than in a group.  It’s as if you left the real for a while and then returned.