I Alone

Another title from one of my top 5 bands.  “I Alone” describes my run today.  I am heading to Dallas on Friday so I decided to flip-flop workouts and do workout #2 today instead of #1.  I had the day off and knew I wouldn’t be able to run 22 miles over the weekend.

It had snowed the day before but the temperature was rising slowly.  Which was good and bad.  The good news was that the snow was slowly melting.  The bad news was that the snow was turning to slush.  Due to family obligations I had no idea when I would get to run.  Finally my wife gave me the go-ahead so I had to get ready as fast as possible and head out.  Minutes before leaving I turned on my Garmin to preserve battery life.  To my astonishment the damn thing would not turn on.  Now I’m screwed.  How was I supposed to know how far I’m going?  I don’t care about the pace.  I couldn’t believe it, of all the luck.  I had to pick a course I knew and do loops.

The temperature was around 40 and the sun was shining with little wind.  I had to run on the road because the sidewalks were impassible.