Huey, Huey, Huey

Question #3: Is it wrong when 2 grown men dance with each other during a Huey Lewis concert while their wives look on in bewilderment? You can fill in Questions #1 and #2 amongst yourselves.

I place the Huey Lewis/Joan Jett concert in my top 5 (no disrespect to NIL8). Of course, you know the concert experience is personal and depends on the energy involved not so much on the quality of music. I don’t know about the people in the seats but the energy on the track was electrifying. The energy was like a magnet drawing you in until you were one with the crowd singing and dancing with everyone else (no, I didn’t pop Ecstasy prior to the concert). The highlight of the night was looking over at Danoh, one hand grasping a stack of empty beer cups, the other hand clenched in a fist over his head, chanting (or slurring depending on how you look at it) “HUUUUEEEEYYYY, HUUUEEEYYYY, HUUUEEEEYYYY”.

Speaking of “Walking On A Thin Line”. I was walking a thin line between having fun and not having too much fun in order to make it to work the next morning. Fortunately I reluctantly crawled into work the next day barely able to talk secondary to a hoarse voice from singing. (Jeff W., how do you do it?).

I don’t know how old she is but Joan Jett ROCKED! She looked fit and put on a rockin’ show. She has more hits than I remember.

Another hightlight of the night was seeing the coolest shirt I have seen in awhile. Last month I saw Josh N. wearing a 2001 Tour De Toona t-shirt eating at Chiles. I thought that was cool. Sorry, Josh, but the shirt I saw at the Corona Tent prior to the concert trumped yours. There was an old guy, cleaning garbage cans, wearing a long-sleeve 1997 Boston Marathon shirt. Either this man is even cooler than Willie Nelson or he shops at the Goodwill in Cambridge, Massachusettes.

The only disappointment tonight was not hearing Danoh’s theme song, “Hip To Be Square”.