Hot, Sweet, And Sticky

You gotta love Montrose.  Today’s ride was all about humidity.  After the torrential downpour this morning the climate was left windless and humid.  I chose to ride the Effeto Coniglio Tri-Jersey due to the temperature.  It seemed to make me cooler even though I sweated like a snake’s ass in wagon rut the entire ride.


“The Wife” got home early from work so I was able to get out earlier than usual.  I totaled about 7 miles before meeting Danoh.  We then rode our usual loop to BikeTek.  There were about 20 riders tonight.  A pretty good turnout.

It was Tuesday Sprint night and for some reason I was feeling pretty good.  I even contested the 2nd sprint and got 3rd not too far behind Jeff NIL8 Williams and Justin.  Unfortunately, my wad was blown and I spent the rest of the keyhole trying not to get dropped and trying to recover.

Getting closer to the 4th sprint things began to heat up.  By the time we hit Farmingdale Rd. the group had split.  A group of 5 or so was up the road and my group of 7 or so spent the next couple of miles trying to catch.  We eventually imploded before the hills.  The group of 5 stayed away and our group rolled in in groups of 1s and 2s.

45 miles for the day and 2 gallons of sweat lost.  My legs felt like “Rock Candy” by the end of the ride.  I hope today’s ride will get me acclimated for the upcoming week.  It’s supposed to get HOT.