Hey, Do You Have Any Pills?

No, it’s not what your thinking?  Dan and I have many addictions, “acid, grass, downs, and speed” (to quote Soul Asylum) are not one of them.  We are addicted to multisport.  More importantly we are addicted to Endurolytes (Hammer Nutrition).  Endurolytes are electrolyte replacement supplements that come in pill form.  The pills are shaped suspiciously so when taken in public you look like a pill popper.  However, they are great for preventing cramps.

“Hey, do you have any pills?” is what Dan asked me about 60 miles into our marathon 101 mile ride on Saturday.  We started out at 05:30 with me on my road bike and Danoh on his TT bike.  The miles flew by as we passed the towns of Berlin, New Berlin, Waverly, Franklin, Pisgah and ending up at a Hucks in Jacksonville.  The temperature was moderate but by the time we hit Waverly a second time the temperature was pretty warm and I don’t remember seeing Dan sweat so much.  He asked me for a hit and I obliged.

The ride was pretty sweet.  We more or less had a double tailwind as we started out so early the wind changed by the time we made it to Jacksonville.  Dan towed me for most of the ride and we made the 101 mile trek in just over 5 hours, averaging 20 mph.  The roads were smooth and the traffic was mild.  One of those rides you remember.