He’s Going The Distance

“He’s going the distance, he’s going for speed”


Cake kept singing in my head as I approached the 35 mile mark.  I would eventually end up with 42 miles and 2 wobbly legs.

The night started innocent enough.  Dan and I did our usual loop and headed to BikeTek.  Then, the Big D, informed us we were tacking on 4 more miles to the usual route.  I had psyched myself up all day to make sure I made it through the keyhole with the group.  Now I am told I must up the ante and suffer 4 more miles.

The ride out was at warp 9.  Everytime I looked at my speedometer it read between 28 and 30 mph.  As we headed West I kept waiting for the left hand turn.  Eventually we made it there and before long we were heading East again.  Luckily on the way back everyone was tired and the mayhem was a little more tolerable.

My heart stopped when John L. and Danoh rubbed tires.  I’m still hypersensitive to these rides.  I made it home in one piece (and with the group).  Thanks to Cake.