This workout was a stark contrast to it’s “1970’s slang” partner-Feelin’ Groovy.  While the slang is consistent the meaning is not.   Groovy has positive connotations no matter how you look at it.  Heavy, on the other hand, is a bit ambiguous.  To a hippie heavy has a positive connotation but to a multi-sport athlete there is nothing good about the word heavy.  No matter how you use the word.  You’re either sinking in the water, your bike is too……., or your legs suck.

Today my legs were HEAVY.  From the first 1/4 mile to the last mile I could not get into a groove.  I wasn’t breathing hard I just couldn’t get comfortable.  It felt like I was pushing myself the whole time, like running in sand.  My pace was slow and I couldn’t go any faster.  The only time I got into a rhythm was near the end of my run.  It was about mile 9 and Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” was playing on my iPod.  The entire song is progressive.  It starts out slow and soft and crescendos into a loud fast climax.  As the pace of the song increased so did my cadence.  It was kind of cool.  The song was getting faster, my pace was increasing, my breathing was becoming more rapid, by this time it was pitch black outside, and the shadows of the trees were elongating with each stride.  The song ended with me in goosebumps.  A pretty cool 4 minutes in an otherwise tough, 90 minute, run.

I did see Gary Doering and Jeff “NIL8” Williams riding in the park at about mile 5.  They were the reason my legs felt so heavy today.  Gary and Jeff were the protagonists of the day yesterday.  I’m probably shot for tomorrow.  Hopefully it will rain as my wife is leaving town for 5 days and I don’t have a baby sitter for tomorrow’s ride.  Is it wrong that I think that way?

Anyway,  11 miles covered in an average pace of 08:10.  I ran the same course as Sunday but quite a bit slower.  And I am a lot more tired.  Thank goodness for Ibuprofen.