Harbly Gobbly Goop

That is the only vocal communication my mouth could produce after today’s run.  My lips felt like a pair of double deuces on a souped up Escalade rollin’ down South Grand.  They were numb, fat, and useless.  I was soooo cold.  I guess that is my punishment for being too hungover yesterday to join Dan on our scheduled run.  Yesterday, the temperature was warmer and conditions more pleasant.  I paid the price for too much boozin’ Friday night.

I knew I was in trouble when 2 miles into the run I had to remove my vest and hat because I was sweating too much.  The trip back into the headwind was going to be brutal.  It was.  I felt like I was leaning into the wind in order to keep going forward.  Just when I thought “this sucks” and was feeling sorry for myself I ran to into Jeff “NIL8” Williams and Andy L. coming back from a ride to Petersburg.  Petersburg?  Are you kidding me?  On a day like this?  I know the ride had to have sucked more than my run.  So the rest of the run I just counted my blessings.

I ended up with 12 miles on the dot at 1:40 for an average pace of 08:20.  Not bad considering the wind speed and the fact that I kept my Garmin in my pocket the whole time; not worrying about pace.