Happy Mother’s Day

This week can be described with 2 words……..flat tires and wind.

Tuesday was sprint night.  Even though I was still physically tired from Saturday I thought I might have a fighting chance to stay with the group the whole ride….nope.  Kirk, Danoh, and myself got in an early 10 miles and met the group on Old Salem Rd.  I was with the main protagonists maybe 30 seconds.  And that was all she wrote.  Trevor attacked from the gun and split the sizeable group into several groups.  I didn’t have the fire power to make it into the 1st or 2nd group so was relegated to the 3rd.  We did regroup after the first sprint but I didn’t stay long with them either.  The wind was ferociously out of the South which left everyone scrambling for the gutter.  The echelon is a selective party where everyone is not invited.  I was an uninvited guest for about 1 mile.  I made it to the “T” and waited with Steve S. for the bunch.  The ride back was much more pleasant with room to draft.

Thursday started the same as Tuesday.  I had to change a flat tire before even getting on my bike.  This was the second time in a row I took my bike off the rack with a flat tire.  I inspected the rim this time and found a cinder underneath the rim tape.  Not sure how it made it under the tape but I removed it and everything is good now.  I thought the night would be slower because of the pain inflicted on Tuesday but this was not the case.  The field split on Farmingdale Rd. and never looked back.  I did make it in the first group but was ejected at 35 mph shortly after.  They never let up.  I could see the carnage up ahead of me and noticed some quality riders getting dropped.  This made me feel slightly better.  Dejected I opted to ride the whole loop with Mike V. and Jack.  A head wind back made it miserable.

Saturday morning at 06:00 was freezing cold with winds out of the WNW at 20-20 mph.  Needless to say the ride sucked but I’m glad I did it.  Clarence and Kirk turned around at Salisbury.  I continued to Petersburg but left Jeff B, Lunch with Eric, Danoh, and Lawyer to ride to Site M by themselves.  I finished with 47 miserably cold and windy miles.  It was quite the ride for the middle of May.

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  After making sure the wife and my Mom had a pleasant day I went out for run.  The 9 miles seemed effortless on a gorgeous day.

I would be remiss without thanking my wife for being such a great Mom and wife.  She is also graciously doing the best she can at being an ironwife.  Helping me to train on my way to being an ironman.  Thanks Sandy.