Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was a good day and probably should have been good enough for a Father’s Day present.  Today was also a good day.

I woke up early.  Sandy’s step-dad and myself had a breakfast buffet at the country club.  We finished just in time for our 09:00 tee time.  Playing 18 holes of golf at a nice country club with 2 people I don’t know was kind of intimidating.  I started out wild but eventually calmed down and ended up with 102 for the day.

Once I rehydrated and rested I set off for run.  I am trying to get in some speedwork for the upcoming Scholastic Challenge so I headed to the park.  There is a 1/2 mile walking track that is ideal for some hard tempos but not for all-out speedwork but it suit my purposes.  I was going to do 5, 1/2 mile intervals with 1/2 mile rest in between.

During my 2.5 mile warm-up it got cloudy and windy.  Then it started the thunder.  I was intent on getting in a good training session so I decided to proceed.  During the first 1/2 mile interval it began to sprinkle.  During the second 1/2 mile interval it began to rain and thunder some more.  During the third 1/2 mile interval pea-sized hail was landing on my head.  Only direct hits hurt but I decided to head home.  About 1 mile from home the rain stopped and the sun appeared.  How ironic, just a few minutes earlier I was getting rained on, hailed on, and thundered on and now it is beautiful.  That is only the second time I have every been hailed on during training but that is a whole another story.

So kind of a brick today.  18 holes of golf and 7 miles of running with some speedwork.  A pretty good Father’s Day present nonetheless.  The ultimate Father’s Day gift is the time my family gives me to pursue my hobbies.  Thanks.