Hamburger Toes

My feet will be happy when this Ironman training is over.  Every long run ends with black and red toes.  In all seriousness my feet are starting to hurt on long runs and I just hope that it won’t affect me for IMWI.

My weekend was full of continuing education.  I took Saturday off so decided to go for a long run on Sunday.  It was hotter than I anticipated.  By mile 7 my socks were wet.  This was a recipe for disaster.  I knew as soon as I took off my socks it would not be pretty.  I just can’t get this humidity, sweating, and long run thing down.  Either my nipples are rubbed raw or my socks are bloody.  The worst part is when the opposite occurs; my nipples are bloody and my toes are rubbed raw.  Shirtless seems to be the way to go.

Anyway, I got in a 19 mile run that ended at a friend’s house who was having a pool party.  My sweaty entrance to the party didn’t really matter once I hit the ice cold water.  It felt so good.