Green Lake

Seattle is just plain AWESOME! I have never seen so many outdoor/athletic people in my life. There are commuters, walkers, and runners everywhere. It reminded me of Holland where you are constantly looking out while driving for people on bikes. People ride everywhere. Not only do you see traditional outdoor activities but you also see people rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, wind surfing, etc. People just like to be outside. In my experience, Seattle also has the highest ratio of drivers to VW buses.
I departed today from Sandy’s Aunt’s house. She has a spectacular view of Mt. Ranier so she is high up in the city. The first mile is downhill therefore the last mile is uphill. The hill gaines 200 feet and reaches a 15% grade. That doesn’t sound tough but for a flatlander it means oxygen debt. The good news is that the middle 3 miles is around Green Lake. A beautiful lake/pond with a walking/biking path around the whole thing; no motorized vehicles allowed. People lay out, play soccer, play frisbee, walk their dogs, roller blade, swim, kayak, feed the ducks, and just have fun. It is a nice run not having to worry about cars and street signs.
I return with 5 more miles under my belt. However, I’m starting to have some bilateral Achille’s Tendon pain. Probably from running all the hills.