Good Tailwind

The Capital City Biathlon was today but since I have not been running due to injury I did not participate.  Therefore I went out for a solo ride around 12:00.  It was quite windy out of the SSW so I decided to ride to Loami.  Wanting to get more miles on the TT bike I took a chance and headed out.

As it turns out it was a good decision to take the TT bike.  It came in handy when battling the significant headwind.  While the bike is not made for comfort on longer rides I kind of got used to the position.   I am definitely getting more comfortably on my new bike.

I totaled 33 miles for the day which is pretty good on a TT bike.  In the headwind I hovered around 18-20 mph.  In the tailwind I easily kept a 26 mph pace.  Good tailwinds always make the headwinds worth it.