Good Honkin’

No bike yet so I set out for a run today.  The weather was beautiful and the temperature was perfect.

During my 6.5 mile run I had no less than 4 people honk at me today.  Usually I get the long, pissed-off honk but today I got 4 short, hello honks.  That really perks up a run or ride.  Knowing that other people see you, want to say hello, and share in your experience is a good feeling.  Plus I exchanged greetings with all my Tuesday/Thrusday night ride hommies.  They were cooling down on their way back into town from “sprint night”.

I now believe I will run Abe’s Amble on Sunday.  My camping plans for the weekend fell through so game’s on.  Running 2 miles for the Parade Run is one thing we’ll see how I hold up for a 10K.