Not really training but multi-sport nonetheless. I traded in the racing flats for some soft spikes and golf clubs. Today I played 9 holes at Northridge in Jacksonville, Il. The outing was in support of Elm City Center. A community based agency providing work, vocational, residential, and social services for persons with disabilities.

I haven’t played since Father’s Day and I am 3 months fresh off a fractured clavicle. So my expectations were pretty low. I know it was a scramble but I played pretty good. My short game was good but, as usual, my driving was poor. I was pushing/slicing every drive and could not compensate. Luckily the course is short enough that you easily can be chipping onto the green for your second shot.

I was able to maintain the 1 beer per 3 holes pace. I wish I could blame the Bud Select on my drives but my chipping and putting were not affected so it must be me.