The field was small for the ride tonight.  I’m guessing around 15 riders.  The weather was perfect though (minus the humidity).  It’s funny, the nicer the weather the fewer the riders.

Don’t let the size of the field fool you.  The ride was hard.  I was sweating at the back most of the ride.  Occasionally I would stick my sweating body at the head of the paceline only to get pelted by those damn gnats.  By the time I got home I was covered in black specks.  It even grossed me out.  I felt like an entomology experiment.


Danoh and I both agreed.  We suffered pretty much the entire time.  It seems as though either we are losing fitness or others are gaining.  If it wasn’t Robo attacking it was Gary.  If it wasn’t Jeff following it was Mike.  No reprieve for the weary.

I   totaled close to 41 miles for the night.