Gelukkig NieuwJaar

Happy New year to all you rabbits.  I am relatively new to running in comparison to cycling so I am not quite sure of any New Year’s Day running traditions.  In cycling you are supposed to ride 1 mile for every degree on New Year’s Day.  That would be rather difficult in running.  I know there was the SRRC run at Washington Park but that was a little too early for me.  Did anyone go riding today?

Neff,  Danoh, and myself met up at high noon for quick 10 miler.  The temperature was 30 degrees but it felt a heck of a lot colder with the wind factor.  The wind was pretty strong out of the south.  When running east or west the wind-facing side of my face would get numb.  Luckily we stayed in town for some coverage.  I can’t imagine what conditions were like at 08:00.

Josh and I were feeling fine but I think Dan was feeling the effects of his recent illness.  I hope he made it home OK.  If you see any rabbit roadkill on Washington St. tomorrow stop and scoop him up off the sidewalk.  Feed him, give him water, and take him home.  Thanks.