This rabbit has been on hiatus for over a week. Somewhat planned and somewhat unplanned. I had anticpated on taking a couple of days off after the North Face Challenge but quickly fell into a rut of apathy. Lack of motivation was getting severe.
Today was such a good day that I thought I would take the bike out for one last ride before the crappy weather. I hadn’t touched it since returning from Alabama but everything seemed fine initally. However, after further inspection I noticed 2 bulges in the sidewall of my training tires. No big deal except that my race wheels were untrue from my last accident. Then I couldn’t get the cogset to sit properly on my training wheels. (Matt, I’ll be in to WheelFast soon for some repairs). Needless to say I didn’t go riding. It didn’t take much to relegate me back to the couch to watch Ironman Arizona and the NYC Marathon.