Froze Toze

Man it was cold today.  I dressed in long fingered gloves, long sleeve jersey, and leg warmers and was still cold.  In the past, more riders would show up on a crappy day than on a good day so I had no doubt there would be 10 or more riders for the training race.  This was the argument I used to get Dan out of the house.

The small little loop we do before the training race was cold and windy.  I began to have a bad feeling.

We showed up at the training race with 3 or 4 riders circling the parking lot.  “This ain’t gonna be pretty” I mummbled.  At that point I knew I would not complete the ride. 

By the time we started on Old Salem Rd. there were 8 of us (including Dan who peeled off into his subdivision).  Ordinarily this would have been enough motivation for me to continue.  However, it was 52 degrees and we were going to have a substantial head/crosswind on the way home.  That would have been torture.

So I turned off early and headed home.  I didn’t realize it until I started walking that my toes were numb.  I’m glad I stopped.  I got a wopping 11 mile ride in today.  I’ll call it active recovery.  The question is will I need to wash my kit or should I just hang it back up……..