Friday The 13th

Please, no Jason jokes.  I’ve had enough in my lifetime.  Everyone’s a freakin’ comedian. 


I had 1/2 day off work today as tomorrow I will be spending all day in Chicago.  My calves have been killing me but I thought a nice easy run might make them feel good.  That was not the case.  I could barely walk when I was done.  Not too crippled, though, to make it out to Cara-Mongolian Barbeque.  If you have not eaten there you should.  It’s located next to Target.  Being a Friday I was a vegetarian today.  It was delicious and they serve beer…

I did a familiar 7 mile loop sans Garmin.  I was trying not to go hard as I don’t want all my runs to be difficult.  You can’t underestimate recovery.

Weekly Total:  24 miles