Fresh Set Of Tired Legs

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like starting a weekend trip with a fresh set of tired legs.  Especially when you aren’t going to be able to train that much when you are gone.  I like getting in a difficult workout on Thursday (if leaving on Friday) or Friday (if leaving on Saturday) night before the trip.  That way you can relax over the weekend knowing that your most recent workout was good enough to tide you over for the next couple of days.

That was the case today.  Dan and I left a little early for tonight’s ride.  Since the rides are getting shorter we are having to leave earlier to maximize our miles.  There were only a handful of riders out tonight.  The bridge was the turnaround but even with such a short ride no one was going warp 10.  I didn’t have trouble hanging on and even pulled through a couple of times.  I ended up with 27 miles.

Time to put the bike in the basement, change clothes, and don my running shoes was all the rest I allowed myself.  I headed out the door around 19:10 to meet Dan at the corner.  It was first time in a while I had to wear my reflective vest.  Even though it was still light outside I knew I would be finishing in the dark.

We ran down to Chatham Rd and back.  Most of the time we kept an 08:30 pace and chatted.  It’s been a while since we last ran together.  From mile 4.5 to mile 5.5 Dan wanted to pick up the pace so we rolled off a 06:47/mile.  This surprised me that I was able to hang.  I used the last mile to cool down and finished in the dark with 6.5 miles under my belt.

I know my legs will be toast tomorrow but I kind of like that feeling…….