Flanders Weather

This weekend has reminded me of the time I spent in Amsterdam.  The weather was either sunny and windy or cloudy and drizzling.  Today was no exception.  The entire day was on again/off again drizzle.  Not rain, just enough drizzle to piss you off and make you not want to go outside.  At departure the temperature was 48 degrees with an Esterly wind at around 8 mph.

3 things motivated me to run this afternoon:  1)  I finished watching Paris-Roubaix.  Man, was it exciting!  Tom Boonen took the sprint from a 3 rider break.   2)  Today is going to be my last run before Indy.  My legs are tired and I feel I need to take some time off.  I know my body well and can tell when I need to suck it up and keep going and when to rest.  Now is the time to rest.  I need to feel fresh for Saturday.  So if I can get 1 more run in I can rest and just ride.  3)  The most influential factor is that my Mom was coming over at 16:00 to watch the kids while I went running.  So rain or shine, snow or sleet I would feel guilty having my Mom come over and not go out running.  Yes, guilt is my worse enemy.

No Garmin, no time, no pace for today’s run.  I ran a familiar 6.5 mile route to Chatham Rd. and back.  I went fast enough to feel the effort but not fast enough to hurt.  I look forward to some time off.